Orr’s Private Collection

In our life together and, since we are both artists, my wife, Rita, and I have collected art. It’s become an eclectic ‘collection’ of art and objects d’jart, by our contemporaries, flea market or antique shop finds, midwest household and art auctions, but first and foremost an ‘artist’s collection’. Some items have ‘come’ to us by serendipitous circumstances.  Early on, we discovered that a fun and inexpensive source of entertainment was attending auctions, at first more to acquire furniture and household accouterments, where we have acquired some of our most treasured pieces. At some point that experience, auctions, I’m talking about, turns the novice onlooker or auction pleasure seeker, into a bone fide auction addict. Of course the ‘inexpensive’ part of the equation becomes questionable at that point, but there is something to peak the interest on nearly every occasion.

Rita and I have always made a point of perusing museums and galleries in every place we’ve traveled so over time the eyes have become more discerning, therefore, after a few years the ‘art’ of ‘collecting’ became as much a treasure hunt as anything.  Now we would like to share our collection with you and offer some items for sale through our Art Gallery & Studio.

Please do not hesitate to contact me through this web site or by phone, to answer any questions or to purchase.